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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Electronic Cigarette (E-cig)?

The Electronic cigarette, also called an e-cigarette or e-cig, was initially designed to look like a cigarette, but with the ability to delivery nicotine without the need to burn tobacco.  The technology allows people to enjoy recreational nicotine without inhaling smoke, or the 4000+ chemicals that are in tobacco cigarettes.

How do they work?

Essentially, all e-cigarettes are the same, they have 3 primary parts:

The Battery – E-cigs use rechargeable lithium batteries.  Tucked inside the battery is a switch that is triggered when the user inhales or power is manually applied, dependent upon e-cig type.  When triggered, the battery sends a charge to the atomiser. 

The Coil – A coil (or atomiser) consists simply of a heater coil, which is wound around a high temperature capillary wick.  The wick, dependent upon the type of atomiser, will be connected to the source of fluid (tank) to provide a continuously ‘wetted wick’.  When power is applied to the coil and air is drawn across the wick wound coil, the fluid-soaked wick is heated, providing atomised heated vapour to the user. 

The E-liquid Tank – This can be in the form of a tank made of glass or plastic.  In its basic form, the cartridge is made of a plastic tube with a moulded mouthpiece and is the storage for the e-liquid, the fluid is held in the sealed unit in contact with the atomiser. 

How much is it going to cost and can it save me money?

A good quality Vape Suite starter kit can be bought for less than £30.00.  There are modifications and upgrades you can make to enhance your vaping experience.

Generally, making the switch means saving money. E-cigarettes are a cheaper alternative to conventional cigarettes.

If you smoke an average of twenty cigarettes a day switching to e-cigarettes could save you over £2,600 per year. (Based on an average cigarette cost of £8.50 per pack of twenty compared to a starter kit and e-liquid use for one year.)

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