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All e-liquids will contain a certain ratio of the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

The Science Bit

Vape juices with a higher ratio of VG (70VG 30PG) are thicker and your MTL device will struggle to soak up the liquid and heat it quickly enough. This can lead to a burnt tasting vape and shortening the life of your coils.

The main ingredients in e-liquids are Propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG) and flavourings. Some vape juices will also contain nicotine which will be stated on the packaging.

Sub ohm e-liquids contain a higher ratio of vegetable glycerine (VG); usually 60% and above.

Classic e-liquids will contain a higher percentage of propylene glycol (PG); 50% or above, and are suitable for classic (mouth-to-lung) kits.

You can also purchase vape juices with a balanced 50/50 ratio of PG & VG. These are generally well suited to most kits and tanks so are a great option for most. However, these might not be suitable if your tank is using coils with a very low resistance.

Using high PG juices in a sub ohm tank or kit will generally produce a harsh vapour and burnt flavour and vice versa for high VG juices in a kit designed for classic vaping.


18mg – Strong -Similar to cigarettes like JPS Blue, Pall Mall Red, Superking Blue, Marlboro Red or Mayfair.  If 18mg makes you feel nauseous or lightheaded, try 12mg.

12mg – Light to Medium -Marlboro lights, Silk Cut, Pall Mall Blue or B&H Silver or rolling tobacco.  If you find that this strength doesn’t satisfy your cravings, try 18mg.

6mg – Light – For vapers looking to lower their nicotine intake.

3mg – Extra Light – For vapers cutting down their nicotine intake.

0mg – No Nicotine – For vapers looking to completely cut-out nicotine.

If you’re completely new to vaping you may find it easier to start with some nicotine content to help with cravings.

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