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Vape tanks contain your e-liquid and your coil, and many vape tanks feature some form of adjustable airflow that lets you adjust the intensity of your vape. They feature a mouth-piece, or ‘drip tip’, that helps cool the vapour as it enters your mouth, and are often detachable and replaceable.

Most vape tanks are attached to the e-cig kit or mod with an 810-connector, a little threaded screw that attaches the tank to the device, but its universal standard means you can often pair your favourite tank with any compatible device.

The three most common types of vape tanks are: Standard, RDAs and RTAs.

  • Standard tanks are the most typical, user-friendly tanks available and can accommodate compatible coils that either push to fit or screw into place.
  • RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomisers) are intended for more experienced vapers who enjoy building their own coils out of wire, mesh and cotton. Rather than a tank that contains e-liquid, you ‘drip’ your e-liquid directly onto the cotton threaded through your coil. The flavour and clouds produced by RDAs often exceeds that of regular tanks, but require a lot of manual attention and understanding of resistances and coil building.
  • RTAs (rebuildable tank atomisers) are similar to RDAs in the sense that you insert your own coil you’ve built yourself, but RTAs include a tank to house your e-liquid, avoiding the need to constantly soak your wick manually.

How does a Vape Tank work?

Before you attach your tank to your vape device, you need to ensure it is first fitted with a compatible coil. Coils used to go by the name of ‘Atomisers’, although you’ll most often hear them referred to as coils these days. These coils are most commonly recommended for the device by the same manufacturer, so for example, a Smok Coil for a Smok Tank. You can find our extensive range of coils here:

Once you’ve inserted your coil, and sealed your tank, fill it up with e-liquid.

Then leave it for at least 10 minutes to effectively saturate the wicking material, which ensures you don’t get a burnt taste from your e-liquid, or ‘spitback’ from where the cotton hasn’t been fully saturated.

If you are unsure which tank to choose, pop into our shop for friendly, expert advice.

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